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What does hawk-i cost?

hawk-i is low cost or free care coverage. The amount you pay is based on your family's income.Some families pay nothing. Other families may have to pay between $10 and $40 a month for their hawk-i coverage.

Note: There is no cost for Native American children.

No family pays more than $40 a month, even if the family has several children who qualify for hawk-i.

How do I know if my kids are eligible?

Compare your family's income to the table in this document to see if your children could qualify for hawk-i.

How can I find out if my family will have to pay?

Fill out an application or call hawk-i if you think your children may qualify.

These rates go into effect for any application received on or after March 1, 2015 with an effective start date of April 1, 2015.
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